„Music is emotion and that’s is what the film transports“ – By Doerte at Heilewelt

I have seen quite a few music documentaries in my life. But I’ve never seen one like „DANCE FIGHT LOVE DIE – With Mikis on the Road“ about Mikis Theodorakis, a Greek composer. I haven’t known his music beforehand and it’s not a traditional documentary, I feel like I now know what drives Mikis. A small inside into his mind, rather than being able to recite some facts and figures or cite some experts on him. I found this a very refreshing way of showing a life’s work. Music is emotion and that’s is what the film transports.

Asteris Kutulas kept filming little episodes in about 30 years … 600 hours and Asteris wife Ina watched it all and put together a collage. When the film starts it feels a bit overwhelming – so many different places, fast cut – in between a fictional side story, some historic material from the second world war and material of young artists who give Mikis music a new face, a different interpretation. You see Mikis in a gas mask protesting, joking about how he never likes water because it’s too wet, teasing his wife, creating music and live on stage. Except for when he’s sleeping there is always this glow in his eyes, he puts passion in everything he does. And at some point I realized it: when Asteris started to follow Mikis he was already at an age where most people retire from their work. He is 92 now. He has the passion and energy of a 20 year old with a mind probably racing as fast as the pictures in this roadmovie. At some point you get used to the tempo of the film. I got curious what other side of Mikis will Asteris show next. I highly recommend this movie. You don’t even need to understand Greek or German.

doerte at heilewelt, 2018

Quelle: Original Article on tumblr

(Poster draft with Sandra von Ruffin (Marina) & Stathis Papadopoulos (Akar) photos by DomQuichotte & artwork by Achilleas Gatsopoulos © by Asti Music)

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